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"When queers are discriminated in the hiring process for being too gender deviant, too campy, too out, it is because we jarringly disrupt the capitalist fantasy of a brainless, emotionless, machine-like worker." - Queer Liberation is Class Struggle

Damn, that's such a good take, though.

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Copy/pasted introduction from my other account 

Oof, it's been a while. How's everyone doing?


1) One theory for the original purpose of groomsmen was to throw down with people who might disrupt a wedding for political purposes.
2) The message of "I support your love to the point of being willing to fight for you" is a powerful and radical message of love.
3) With the current state of the world, it's probably somewhat pragmatic to make sure someone friendly at a queer-friendly event is armed in some way.
4) Sword arch!

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Normalize wearing swords to weddings as part of queer culture.

I miss swimming. I haven't gone swimming since like... 2017 I think?

Can't say it's the most I've ever felt threatened by an American flag, because every flag flying from the back of a lifted pickup takes that award, but damn was it ominous.

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I drove to the next big town over with my partner for a job interview yesterday, and we passed through a little town with American flags on free standing flagpoles every 10m or so, and it was the most ominous thing.

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Fucking hell I hate all the bullshit American nationalist shit scattered everywhere.

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I really miss my partner. It's only been like 8 hours, but I dunno, I'm gay, I guess.

Treating my anxiety with cute gay shit on Netflix and exercise.

I'm feeling like... really dysphoric, I think?

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I fucking love that I'm currently preparing to take in the full queer and PoC population of a nearby town as refugees because the local sheriff is organizing a right-wing militia with a trailer full of weapons.

Fucking love this timeline.

NSFL description of a drawing I inadvertently came across on the Birdsite 

neoconfederate yelling racist and misogynistic slurs 

There was a "BLM protest" in the next town over. It lasted all of an hour and a half and invited the following speakers:
One (1) Chief of Police
One (1) White woman to condescendingly explain racism to the crowd.

Protest sign idea: "I owe my life to Black trans women"

BLM, trans healthcare thing 

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Capitol Hill, the queerest district in Seattle, is now free of police!

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