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Death (mourning/eulogizing), eye contact 

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"When queers are discriminated in the hiring process for being too gender deviant, too campy, too out, it is because we jarringly disrupt the capitalist fantasy of a brainless, emotionless, machine-like worker." - Queer Liberation is Class Struggle

Damn, that's such a good take, though.

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Copy/pasted introduction from my other account 

Trans (+++) 

Transphobia within the trans community, enbyphobia 

Transphobia within the trans community, enbyphobia 

Violence, transphobia 

Hells yeah, done with my homework for the night. Now, I have to be up in 7 hours and 15 minutes, so what should I do instead of sleeping?

Me: *taking notes in size 24 Wingdings* No brakes!

Relationship stuff (+++) 

Mental health (+) 

re: Sharp shinies 

Sharp shinies 

political violence, climate crisis 

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climate crisis, climate refugees 

Climate crisis, pessimism 

Book recommendation, climate crisis, alcohol, death mention 

Oh fuck, I might have inhaled a bit of metal dust while finishing up resharpening my knife...

Hey, how does one keep bra straps from slipping down? I recently got a real bra that seems to fit, but the straps keep falling down. My partner told me to adjust them tighter, but it seems like all that does is make my shoulders hurt. They just keep sliding down. Is it like... a posture issue? Do I just need to get a different bra? Like, I feel like it would be a shitton better if the straps crossed in the back.

re: Transphobia, marked up psychology textbook 

Transphobia, marked up psychology textbook 

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