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Death (mourning/eulogizing), eye contact 

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So between my wonderful girlfriend, our very cute friend, and the Hbomb stream showing just how massive the support is for trans people, I'm feeling.... deserving of happiness, for the first time in a very long time.

So here's my promise to myself, and the people who love me: I will be myself. My name is Amber, and I won't let *anyone* take that away from me. I'm done being safe. Bigots: fuck you. Be afraid of me. I'm the trans person the media's been telling you about.

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"When queers are discriminated in the hiring process for being too gender deviant, too campy, too out, it is because we jarringly disrupt the capitalist fantasy of a brainless, emotionless, machine-like worker." - Queer Liberation is Class Struggle

Damn, that's such a good take, though.

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Copy/pasted introduction from my other account 

Eye contact, selfie with dog 


100% unrelated to the fact that I just finished watching the finale of Sense8, of course.

*incoherent high pitched gay squealing*

Dog, nonhuman eye contact 

I... May have just spent several hours with the person I've been seeing, and I may have gotten to hug them. Yes, this is like... "Date-ish event" #7. Shuddap.

*high pitched squealing and vibrating*

What the fuck?? I'm at the local pub, and they have ESPN on, which is showing a game of... Overwatch?

We talked a bit more about it, and there's a chance of something developing in the future, potentially, but we're both content to let things develop as they naturally want to.

Ok, so I think I've come to the conclusion that the person I've been interacting with isn't super interested in a relationship at the moment, which is kind of nice. I'd be open to one in the future, but I don't really feel emotionally capable of one right now.

What the fuck, why didn't anyone tell me women's jeans fit so much more comfortably? I saw that they were tight, and I imagined the same weird, restrictive, hard to move in material and fit of men's jeans, but woooow. I can actually lift my feet high enough to take stairs in these.

I would have worn these even back when I was an egg in denial.


It kind of scared me because I was looking out the window when it happened, and it was *close*.

Whoo! Hell of a lightning strike less than a mile away. Probably hit out in the middle of a field, judging by the direction, but hoooly shit.

Sense8 S2E7 

I want to fall asleep with my head on someone's chest.

Lewd shitpost... except I'm totally serious 

Lewd complaining 

Lewd, complaining 

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