typical American atheist: how can you be a secular Jew?

secular Jew: do you celebrate Christmas and Easter?

typical American atheist: yes

secular Jew: so it's exactly like that, except with Jewish holidays and culture

typical American atheist: but that's religious... help, i can't comprehend this

secular Jew: so i'm a secular Jew in the same sense that you're a secular Christian

typical American atheist: i'm not a secular Christian. i'm just a normal American atheist.

secular Jew: but you celebrate Christmas and Easter

typical American atheist: yeah but those are secular holidays

secular Jew: they're religious holidays that you observe in a secular way for cultural reasons, your culture being Christian

typical American atheist: no, my culture is atheist

@kittybecca Real talk, I'd love to be able to get away from Christian holidays, because they mostly don't hold any significance for me whatsoever beyond family-related trauma. There's sort of a mandatory celebration of a lot of Christian holidays in the US, and it's really frustrating. It'd be so nice to be able to choose what holidays to celebrate, but capitalism has to control every aspect of life, and most places don't provide any kind of accommodation for "alternative" holidays.

@kittybecca Yeah. Like, I like some aesthetic parts of it (lights reflecting off snow is pretty), but I haven't had the freedom to celebrate a holiday of my choosing at all in my entire life, so my adult life has been pretty much celebration free, aside from going to Seattle Pride for the first time this year. It's so gross and I hate it. Also, my last job required people to regularly work saturdays and sundays with no religious exemptions (because that's their way of 'not discriminating').

@ALWETP yep, before i became disabled, almost every job i had was like that. but it's a good thing "religious freedom" allows christians to discriminate against LGBT people.


@kittybecca Yeah! They had THAT religious freedom (which is why I don't work there any more), but no other religious freedom. They tried to make a muslim woman take off her headscarf a bunch of times, but obnoxious white christian women waving their crosses in my face (like, literally assaulting me with them) is fine. I can't imagine being an atheist without seeing this bullshit and wanting to call it out, but there's a white atheist thing for blindly siding with evangelical Christians.

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