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I love the idea of being a flowy, spiritual, unapologetic artist.

Except for the part where I have no confidence in anything I make or do?

Hm. Hm.

:antifa: Seattle/PNW fascist alert!

A friend of mine posted this on Instagram, I wanted to share it, please boost!

Re: The Transmasc Resource Site

There is So Much Work To Do and I am Horribly Overwhelmed. It's not going to be up this month (read: today). July? Likely yes.

I have no idea how to make friends as a grown up, and it is So Fucking Un-Rad.

weed n spooky movies n also a selfie 

Oh also if anyone was wondering if I've gotten any less gay in my absence: hell nope.

And I proposed last month. So there.

Hey so, I'm putting together a transmasc resource site (to include compilation of folks' self-reported experiences with transitioning, legal info stuff by state, a community/media side of things, and eventually hopefully community submissions).

I'm really interested in transmasc folks sharing what sorts of info they'd like to have covered, whether that's personal experiences they want represented or questions they'd like answered.

Pls send me yr thoughts, and boost this if yr comfy with it.

Hi I haven't posted here in A Minute but my name is legally gonna be Isaac next week and that's pretty fucking cool.

who called them 'electrical outlets' and not 'power bottoms'

also i know that's my first post here in a whiiiile but i just don't know how to engage here because it's kind of overwhelming??

game of thrones 

Hey so I'm working on a new project and idk if anyone has any actual interest in my horror genre feelings / thoughts / opinions, BUT what I'd love is for you to pretend that you do and then tell me what you'd like to see me talk about~!

religion (judaism) + 

also also i have a new profile picture because i'm really dreamy and you all needed to know

(also sorry for being Away an amount lately i'm just never really sure what to talk about tbh)

I got a haircut and it's not helping all the way but it is helping quite a bit.

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