Hey so, I'm putting together a transmasc resource site (to include compilation of folks' self-reported experiences with transitioning, legal info stuff by state, a community/media side of things, and eventually hopefully community submissions).

I'm really interested in transmasc folks sharing what sorts of info they'd like to have covered, whether that's personal experiences they want represented or questions they'd like answered.

Pls send me yr thoughts, and boost this if yr comfy with it.

@BindingOfIsaac ANYTHING about pelvic pain (and pelvic pain relief) after starting T would be a godsend, that's been the hardest info to find


UGH for real! This is one of the issues that made me decide to build the site, so that'll def be included. Thank you!

@BindingOfIsaac id like to see even just more support/affection for us. Another thing is resources for finding binders/ways to get assistance in getting them. Vocal exercises to deepen your voice would be some nice stuff as well

@BindingOfIsaac info on things like packers and how to use makeup to make you appear more masculine might help some people as well

@BindingOfIsaac I really want to see how this goes, to maybe set up a source for those going the other direction.

@BindingOfIsaac I have a few transmasc ppl in my timeline over on birdsite.

1.) would it be okay to forward this to twitter?

2.) If yes, what would be your preferred way for sharing this?

@BindingOfIsaac I know myself and a few others would like to know about transition milestones, what order they did things, etc. Maybe a small list of people willing to chat one on one? 'things I wish I'd known when I had started to transition' . Maybe something for folx 'only' socially transitioning?

@BindingOfIsaac I as a (pre-T) transmasc person am curious what other transmasc people think are femme traits worth keeping. I know that a lot of advice on how to pass relies on mimicking (mostly straight) cis men, and I'm wondering where others see the line on "this is a part of the masc experience" vs "straight men should be more like me, not the other way around".

@BindingOfIsaac bottom surgery for sure. When I was newly trans masc finding accurate info about the types of bottom surgeries was incredibly difficult

@FirstProgenitor @BindingOfIsaac Oh, seconding this.
Also maybe info on dht blockers and microdosing

— 𝓙𝓾𝓵𝓲𝓪𝓷 (𝓽𝓱𝓮𝔂/𝓱𝓮)

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