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Intro, trauma mentions, probably too many words 

The black panthers were the shit fuck racists

Artistic Nudity, Homophobia 

The economic facts, which have so far played no role or only a contemptible one in the writing of history, are, at least in the modern world, a decisive historical force; that they form the basis of the origination of the present-day class antagonisms; that these class antagonisms, in the countries where they have become fully developed, thanks to large-scale industry, hence especially in England, are in their turn the basis of the formation of political parties and of party struggles, and thus of all political history. Marx had not only arrived at the same view, but had already, in the Deutsche-Französische Jahrbücher (1844), generalized it to the effect that, speaking generally, it is not the state which conditions and regulates the civil society at all, but civil society which conditions and regulates the state, and, consequently, that policy and its history are to be explained from the economic relations and their development, and not vice versa.

    - Frederick Engels, On the History of the Communist League (1885)

Never again love life. Only ever love darkness. How could you love what you can never feel?

I know this is wild for a lot of anarchists but that education can be used for propaganda is good actually imagine being able to teach feminism and gender studies to every kid in America in an equal standing as we teach math

Etsy ad PSA 

asking for pronouns isn't requiring closeted trans people to out themselves, i mean think about this for more than two seconds

if cis people are giving their pronouns, this gives you plausible deniability


people like contrapoints will act like this is somehow an affront to binary trans people when it actually doesn't affect us at all? not even if we're stealth?

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oh no, i was asked to care about trans people who aren't exactly like me. this ruins everything!!

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there may be areas where the interests of binary trans people and nb trans people are difficult to resolve, but this isn't one of them

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binary trans people who complain about enbies would also be all about "drop the T" if they were cis

really gross shitpost; avatar the last airbender 

how can one know the vibes when one does not know thine self

swag analysis is for boys, class analysis is for girls

me, trying to fit myself into my jeans: thick.... thighs..... save.... lives....!!!

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