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Do you

Abt to finish my second year of uni, significantly less able-bodied than last time I was here and slowly working out that I'm definitely on the aro spectrum lol

who decided putting psychology reports behind paywalls was a good idea

im kin with the entire goose game thanks uwu


Lewd,, toys 

Was struggling to stay awake 10 minutes ago but when I actually came to bed,,, nothin

4 days into uni vaguely starting and flaring like fuck

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I just think it's funny how "CW: Subtoot" is pronounced "I just think it's funny how..."

Boys w light dued hair who bake, drink pink gin, give u honey cookies, study forensics, like cats and frogs and cavetown and are good at Mario kart....

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Boys w light dued hair who bake and drink pink gin....yes

Weh. I made a new birdsite acc it's @ casperewe if ya wanna follow (pls I lost everything and my tl is dead now)

That shit about "when you changed it was for the better, when I changed it was for the worse. I wasn't good enough for you and now I'm not even good" shit GOT me

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in my mind if i buy enough books I'll start reading them

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