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I'm also sick af and keep sneezing til I pass out a lil but can't sleep

"I'm not on tinder" - my ex, a couple days before I find him in tinder

I'm not winking in the first yellow one my eyes are just Like That

also eew apinkillers stopped working and its 3x worse than before

never replies to my questions when he does the story question thing or even sometimes my anonymous ones on tellonym either
feels Bad

smh i have no idea how to actually start a conversation though other than commenting on his posts sometimes or occasionally replying to his story which......,,,,,,,he never replies back to

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whenever he likes my posts or sees my story my heart does A Thing

lowkey have a crush on a boy ive followed on insta for years tho lmao kill me

which is why im tryna find someone else to hook up w asap HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS SO EASILY

still like 👌 this close at all times to hitting him up bc even though neither of us want to get back together and he wont screw me and he'll end up pissing me off and we'll fight again i still want affection and cuddles

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just enbies bein' frienbies, what's better than that

im just bitter tbh. like im being civil but im BITTER

when boys have a picture with them next to a cute girl and u wanna swipe just to ask abt her

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