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Birth control, menstruation, pregnancy 

Birth control, menstruation, pregnancy 

Birth control, menstruation 

Still got that period next month where I gotta crash on my friends couch for 2 weeks tho but it'll hopefully be bearable

Also next year I'll be like a 2 min walk away from H instead of 15

My best friend will still be in the same building next door to me but it's different from having to talk to ppl whenever I just wanna pee or get coffee

I've loved living w my best friends this year but yknow what I can't wait to live alone with my own bathroom and kitchen next year. Ppl won't constantly be round without me being ok with it and most of our squad will go where the ppl living on campus will live. Also I can self isolate whenever and get away with ghosting everyone for like a week.

Also my house seems to be crowded atm

I wanna go home and be moody by myself but H is like "that's not a good idea"

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pronouns? id rather have NO nouns is you ask me. objects are bull shit.


Annnnd I'm still very much in love with him and terrified of being intimate on literally any level with anyone else

Hm. The more I hang out with my ex the better he gets for me.

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what the fuck how is it already friday this is bullshit


Tbh I low-key have a crush on this girl

Me and my other friends wanted to kidnap the gf for the night cos she was obviously uncomfortable and upset but :/

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