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Pics of Me looking great in my work uniform, mirror selfies, No EC, boosts ++++ 

I'm meeting date again tomorrow, it been awhile since we last met and I'm so ready to see them again.

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U Kno how I had a date last week? I went to their house yesterday, theyre ply so I met their other partners and kids they help take care of and it was a lil chaotic but I don't mind chaos. I had a good time, it's way too early to say anything about the relationship for sure but, I rlly rlly like them.

Me: I Am Not A Bottom

Also Me, talking to someone who rides motorbikes: I've never been on a bike but I'm sure I'd act like a lil bitch.
Them: I've been riding since I was 2, I'll make you scream a bit
Me: I mean if I'm not screaming most of the time you're probably doing something wrong

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Personal Selfie - My Non-Naked Thicc Ass, Panty Shot, Lewd (BOOSTS BEYOND WELCOME) 

the kicker is my date has Sub in their bio like it's Right There. if /I/ came out of that looking like the bottom then there really is no hope

I was talkiing to my ex after my date yesterday (it went great btw we had a great time) and I was sayin how I was acting like such a bottom that it was almost embarrassing looking back on it
and my ex jus calls me out like

"from what I remember you are a bottom" and when I insist I'm vers they jus go "pfft ok" I Really that much of a bottom??

is there Nothing abt me that can be considered as top energy???

I downloaded tinder last night and now have a date for sunday. ya gal works Fast

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small survey thing related to gender and showers 

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Pics of me, date night look, EC, boosts +++ 

yo I haven't posted on this site in so long. I ended up going out over the weekend, and meeting up with an old friend and his gf, which was hella neat. I been invited to her b-day party this saturday too which is Double Nice.

also apparently someone @work has a crush on me which is,,,,,,,cute? idk how to feel abt it tbh like it's nice to know.

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who are antifa? / Portland 

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you're beautiful and your boss is an asshole

There's a movie called possum?? And I don't think it's half as cute as it sounds

O fuk guys it's my birthday on Sunday that's crazy

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Oh here's a fun fact, I ordered my pc and monitor this weekend and I'm gonna order the rest of my peripherals next week which means in abt 3-4 weeks I'm gonna start test streaming an when I feel I have a good handle on it (maybe after 3 or 4 streams) I'm gonna start streaming F:NV, Ancestors:A Humankind Odyssey, and then Outer Worlds when it releases (yes I will be using the Epic Store)

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