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furry shitpost, warhammer 40k shitpost 

Family bs spinning out into deeper anxieties, subverting negative self talk 


i left the deep state to join an even deeper state... atlantis

bernie sanders is short for bernie sandinista

Sex toys 

why are they always playing some house-flipping fuckin show in any doctor's office. Is it because the only people who can afford to take care of themselves also own property

@selontheweb rise and grind and bear the fruits of our own labor bro.

re: religion 

-checking out a new follow to see if hes cool

-First post is about Catholicism but better

-yeah he's cool


trans trauma 

Can't believe this actually works on me. Quite pleased with the stuff I bought overall, really. Fills in some gaps for quick and easy work/day off wear

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