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cat sound: meow :blobcat:
dog sound: woof! :blobdoge:
trans girl sound: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :blobcatlewd:

personally, I think guys should kiss each other. that's just my vision for the world

let's queer handshakes. they've been the domain of the domineering and the cruel for too long, i want to share long, breathy, eye contact, lavender perfumed handshakes with my beautiful loved ones

use poly-inclusive language. instead of saying

β€œis your better half coming?”


β€œcan we expect one of the many people who is objectively better than you?”

i'm genuinely dying of boredom at work today please send me topics to write about to help me commit timetheft

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i literally don't know how to function as a human being sometimes.

is today the day i buy dragon's dogma for switch..... maybe

sometimes i remember that brendon urie publicly came out as pan and feel happy

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