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Intro, wenbiesday 

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Personal - 

Personal - 

I own two (2) shares of Nintendo that I bought for about 80 dollars and every time I remember them I feel like this

All trans people are cute except for me
(I'm dysphoric)

Selfie, ec, boosts and compliments++

ADHD treatment vs. enhancement 

apparently you can order starbucks for delivery now and this is very dangerous to me, a person who constantly wants caffeine but also doesnt have access to a car during the workday

genuinely i bought the australia fire humble bundle with 28 games in it and now i'm just staring at my computer like ugh i don't wanna play anything

yeah im a gamer. yea, i mostly just stare at my steam library going "i wanna play games but not any of these." what about it

Politics, half serious 

a joke according to laurie is taking the name of something and changing one part of it to the word twink

yeah i'm lgbt

L ove
G irls,
B ideojames, (and)
T rains

Bread tube, birdsite, pol mention, gg mention 

We are Eugene DSA just voted to endorse Robert Patterson for Eugene mayor. He's an unhoused person, he will prioritize unsheltered people. There are other things to like about him, but that is what got him my endorsement vote

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