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self promo, paw patrol fucking sucks dude 

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Anarchist trans health care, hrt, contact info at bottom, I'm not affiliated but looks cool 

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Intro, wenbiesday 

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racism, movies 

Night in the woods spoilers 

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I finished night in the woods today and all I really have to say is what the fuck did I just play???

Twitch ban Dr disrespect 

Ranting about mcu bullshit 

thoughts on image descriptions 

OK Politics, healthcare (+) 


:boost_ok: As of July 1, people in Oregon are required to cover their faces in businesses and other indoor public spaces. 😷

Need more masks? Here's a Black-owned clothing company that makes them:

Businesses be like: "You need to send us a written letter letting us know you're going to quit two years in advance, and assist us in training your replacement to do all the things you currently do, AND kiss everyone on the cheeks and tell them they're doing a good job today on the way out. But if you're fired you're gonna find out via a twitter post."


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i have no idea how i carry straight passing energy around straight people and gay passing energy around gay people and yet am neither.

people in sapphic spaces irl: trans-positive, bi/pan inclusive

leadership and organizers of sapphic spaces irl: trans tokenizing, bi/pan inclusive

sapphic spaces online: tearing themselves and each other apart over discourse thats totally unreflective of real life

i know those ember mugs that warm your drink seem cool but a mug warming hot plate costs like 15$ and will heat every mug you already own so.

fuck cops, fuck gender cops, fuck sexuality cops, fuck cop apologists, fuck anyone who's not technically a cop but chooses to enforce unjust laws and social norms and do similar cop shit

"identifies as" language needs to die.

people are gay, or are nonbinary, or are whatever, they don't "identify as" whatever.

Actual question for non-binary and agender people, since there’s a chance I’ll be a position to advise cis people on this:

β€œTrans men are men. Trans women are women. Non-binary...”

someone on twitter said "want shorter games with worse graphics made by people who are paid more to work less and i'm not kidding" and man do i agree.

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