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stop changing core features of your program every week you stupid fucking cunts

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Hotlink Em All 2003
I am webmaster
410,757,864,530 UNIQUE VISITORS

HOLY SHIT IT'S BEEN THREE HOURS? You'd think that and the reluctance of just yelling a bunch of stuff they put in Ultimate

@IzumiDev Link's Awakening is amazing, so is Tetris! I'm also quite fond of Super Mario Land. My all time favorite is Gargoyle's Quest.

we are the most fun personalities in sports were in high school! I didnt realize I had thought about what to do, fuck it, i'm going through faving all of the Itty bitty gritty committee

so i decided to make nightcore instead of doing the emacs tutorial

i might share some of it

im going to learn how to use emacs wish me luck

I am 33.
I am not too old for very short shorts, T-Shirts with funny prints, Pokémon, video games, fangirling, showing affection, electronic music, colorful hair, comics, superheroes, <you name it>,
because, however, I am too old for all those fucks to be given. ☝️

You can turn off the news and sign off social media for a bit. It's okay.

god what are some cis folk who say they "understand" what it's meant for

Am I hot? Am I bad at taiko and my score will reflect that

There are two wolves inside of you.
How the hell did they get there!?

Politics, labor  

Why the fuck is all the spyhunter 3ds game code in a file called "spyhunter_3ds.yib"

Dot fucking YIB

Yall fuckin high over there at wb games?

A cool picture of one of those shake to charge flashlights
kind of like the one in tattletail but without the entire flashlight glowing.

The term "pentest" in the infosec field is named after Penn Jillette for his appearance in the 1995 movie Hackers.

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