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Greetings fellow LGBTQIA
I present you with my cats - the standard internet salutation
Meet Fred and George Weasely. They are Twins

Freddie has herpes 😿
He's having a flare up. It gives him flu-like symptoms (he's acting just like a human with a flu). His nose is stuffed, and, when he tries to purr, he sounds like a pig quietly snuffling.

Cat pic, EC 

She looks like a beaver. She's hard to see because she is sitting on her black, dog stuffie.

My mom and I watched a documentary on anarchism and then spent an hour discussing it critically. I love my mom.

I miss her so much! I'm going to see her tomorrow hopefully.

Saying bye to Fred before leaving for work is the best and hardest part of my morning.

Such a good dog chewing on her bone. So tired after a long walk.

Look at all of those teeth she's worked so hard at growing!

This cat. He wants me to turn on the sink so that he can put his paw in the water.

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