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Remember, like, a month ago when oath worm was a thing for an hour or 2? Here's a 5e paladin subclass based on that joke, written by me with help from the venerable @starwall . Don't ask me why I did this, I did it for you.

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Daily Routine(long 1/4) 

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Hey I'm Bee, a trans astrophysicist-in-training who designs tabletop games in my free time. I'm mostly gonna talk about games (of all kinds) here. No idea if I'll stick to Mastodon, but I'm giving it a shot. :blobowo:

anyways, get jules an enby to do crime with

if you liked bionicle as a kid you like warframe now and are trans

joe biden has no psychic protection. if we made joe biden the target of a coordinated psychic attack he would melt like a rotted pumpkiin

we had a pretty great crop from our garden this year, but next year I'm really excited to grow some like zucchini or something

when the moon hits your knees
and you mispronounce trees

one day Ill be good at the things I like doing and it will be great

cursed flag idea 

A new ttrpg safety tool but it's just that hourglass flip thing from Brazilian steakhouses

I kinda like the idea of a horror rpg where the player who is "the threat" plays mostly in isolation until they're close enough to do harm, at which point the game ends

You are SOMETHING HORRIFIC. You begin the game far away. Every round you get closer. Do not tell the other players how close you are, or what you plan to do to them.

etymology is legitimately fascinating, it's one of my fave things

food, procrastination 

@ponfarr @aflightybroad @Ophillous @LargeNovelty I'm gonna go home in like ten minutes and when I get there I'm gonna eat Triscuits with this really good local cheddar with black pepper in it

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