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I am, at all times, soliciting you to send me songs about the moon

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re Howdy, I'm Bee! I'm a plural system, but mostly a nonbinary trans woman. I'm an aspirant librarian and I like talking about tabletop games!!

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Remember, like, a month ago when oath worm was a thing for an hour or 2? Here's a 5e paladin subclass based on that joke, written by me with help from the venerable @starwall . Don't ask me why I did this, I did it for you.

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Daily Routine(long 1/4) 

folkpunk shitpost 

:drake_dislike:​ "do not climb model"
:drake_like:​ "model not to scale"

the popular italian chain restaurant has a new fermented beverage:

'bucha di beppo

lmaooooo they went and made bojack horseman real! what will netflix' marketing department cook up next? 👀 🤣 🤣 🤣

Important PSA for people living in the US: The FCC has been forced to reopen public comment on the Net Neutrality decision following a court case by Mozilla. The influx of bots (suspiciously using the names of telecom subscribers) that were anti-Net Neutrality has caused this. The FCC is trying to bury this, and very few are reporting on it.
To (re)file your thoughts on the FCC's decision, go to Proceeding 17-108 is Net Neutrality. This ends in March.

you might be saying "Bee, how can you want to abolish Borders" but don't worry, I have it out for Barnes & Noble as well

borders pol 

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@LargeNovelty slumpering is ONLY when you're having a slumper party, and a slumper party is just a slumber party but like 27% more chill

@LargeNovelty this bitch is valid as hell and is right and should say it tbh, slumpering is SUCH a mood

let me meet aphrodite we'd get pizza and have smoothies and talk all the hot goss in sweatpants, she'd love it and I'd love it and it'd be such a fun sleepover

It's a sad sad day when a Minecraft YouTuber turns to fortnite

every time i see american badgers i lose it, they're perfect, i adore them

fuck eurasian badgers, they have pretty privilege, american badgers are the real shit

Brushing off all criticism by saying "the same could be said of all religions"

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Y'know, people meme "what is a man? A miserable pile of secrets" but "You steal men's souls!! The same could be said of all religions..." is way funnier

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