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Remember, like, a month ago when oath worm was a thing for an hour or 2? Here's a 5e paladin subclass based on that joke, written by me with help from the venerable @starwall . Don't ask me why I did this, I did it for you.

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Daily Routine(long 1/4) 

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Hey I'm Bee, a trans astrophysicist-in-training who designs tabletop games in my free time. I'm mostly gonna talk about games (of all kinds) here. No idea if I'll stick to Mastodon, but I'm giving it a shot. :blobowo:

Callout post for the riddler: he strapped me to a bomb and won't stop asking "what has a mouth but never speaks, runs but has no feet, lies in bed but never sleeps"

Thinking about how I ran an in-person dnd campaign for 2 years but never once dressed up like a cartoon wizard

*fires gun into the air* nonbinary girls are why i'm a lesbian

Injury mention 

Im nonbinary but also I dont like star wars

Funky kong has cryptid energy, in that if I got close to him my electronics would stop working and I'd get a splitting headache

Funky Kong negotiates your marriage to his only daughter, securing the alliance between your kingdoms [ASMR whisper]

Trans girls with deep husky voices will inherit the earth

dork nerds always say things like "get freaked". cool nerds always say "get fracked." this is culture my baby

sorry for making a sad post, I'm just venting thoughts

US pol, this one's serious and long 

US pol 

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