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Hey I'm Bee, a trans astrophysicist-in-training who designs tabletop games in my free time. I'm mostly gonna talk about games (of all kinds) here. No idea if I'll stick to Mastodon, but I'm giving it a shot. :blobowo:

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*The Mountain Goats voice*
i hope i lie
and tell everyone you were a goblin wife

anytime I see someone mention BTS my brain goes "ah yes,

u can have this Yog
my empire of Hurt
i can make u Go
i will make u Gurt

why did no one tell me cabbage patch kids look like that. i hate them now

am i a millennial? am i a gen zed? consider this instead: i am but a litle creacher

Trapping feral leprechauns to spay and release them

:succulent: hey, look at this picture of the orion nebula I made for my astronomy class. it's no hubble space telescope, but I think it looks pretty good.

I woke up with this idea in my head and I don't know why

The oldest known mammal species to evolve on Earth was a small shrew-like creature known as Juramaia sinensis which lived about 160 million years ago. Descended testicles are a mammalian trait thought to have been present in the earliest mammal species. So it's quite likely that anything 160 million years old is literally old as balls.

Supervillain concept: the Bumbler, she's got a bee theme and fucks up a lot

I really wanted to make a similar picture of M78 (aka the casper the friendly ghost nebula), but my green images were just too blurry, I couldn't align them. That's the cost of doing this in the middle of philly tbh

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