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I am, at all times, soliciting you to send me songs about the moon

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re Howdy, I'm Bee! I'm a plural system, but mostly a nonbinary trans woman. I'm an aspirant librarian and I like talking about tabletop games!!

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Remember, like, a month ago when oath worm was a thing for an hour or 2? Here's a 5e paladin subclass based on that joke, written by me with help from the venerable @starwall . Don't ask me why I did this, I did it for you.

valid to be trans and use like 4 different names. its cool. more is good

Tonight at 19H30 (EDT) I'll be streaming Dragon Quest V at HTTPS:// so done hang and experience a classic JRPG from my childhood!

We've got Lovers, the Sun, the Moon implicitly in the eclipse, the Magic(ian)
There's material here

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Tamagoyaki & rice 

I'm really turned on by your Accomplishments and Success!
Guess I have a Feat Fetish.

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