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I am, at all times, soliciting you to send me songs about the moon

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re Howdy, I'm Bee! I'm a plural system, but mostly a nonbinary trans woman. I'm an aspirant librarian and I like talking about tabletop games!!

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Remember, like, a month ago when oath worm was a thing for an hour or 2? Here's a 5e paladin subclass based on that joke, written by me with help from the venerable @starwall . Don't ask me why I did this, I did it for you.

once again fantasizing about being a geometry scholar in the islamic golden age

i feel like the forgotten realms are well-known enough at this point that they should be called the remembered realms

I support nonbinary French people bc I support the wholesale destruction of the French language

I mute the word twink and suddenly there are no posts in my tl, I look around and I'm in an empty room in an abandoned building. I don't even have my phone with me.

YES, a twink owns your bones, this is called being a bonelord, but it's also a form of capitalist exploitation

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Thousands of twinks disappear into the ocean every year. Scientists were baffled at this grand migratory phenomenon until we discovered this new cousin of the anglerfish

I'm starting to think I don't know the first thing about twinks

Twinks are always covered in COPIOUS amount of esoteric mists and ghastly fumes

@Ophillous "I was worried it would be blasphemous"
- FootFreakForChrist696969

Find me ONE twink who doesn't love a good bioluminescent organism... I'll wait

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Julles culture is typing Gethsemane correctly but making a typo when you try to type "of"

alcohol mention 

USPOL, FDA, extremely important if you have food allergies 

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