This month's group is in 15 minutes, and I know of at least one person going other than me. 😁

Groups like this take a while to establish, but we're getting there!

Anyway, if you're interested, DM for details. :)

The sixth annual international Gender Census 2019 is now open until 25th March!

It's for anyone whose genders (or lack thereof) aren't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and the results are useful in academia, business, and self-advocacy.

The group is changing from fortnightly to monthly - we’ll meet on the second Thursday of the month.

There’s a meeting this evening, usual time, usual place - DM if you would like details!

Trans/nonbinary/questioning support group this evening in Machynlleth - DM for details. :)

Just the usual reminder - the support group is tomorrow evening, DM for details!

Hi folks! Due to an admin error, tomorrow’s session has been cancelled. I’m sorry about that!

Our next session is 31st January, so message me if you want time and venue details. :)

Here’s a survey about titles that should only take 3 minutes or so, for literally anyone who speaks English:

It’ll end at noon UK time on Sunday 13th January 2019 at the soonest.

Every survey response, RT and boost is really helpful! Thank you. :)

Our next meeting is Thursday 17th January, so please do feel free to DM for details if you’re interested. :)

It's our first meeting of 2019 tonight! DM if you'd like to know the when and where. :)

Can you recommend any Welsh LGBT+ charities to us? We’d like to get in touch, and we’re especially interested in talking to any trans-focused charities.

(We’d also appreciated recommendations of good UK-wide trans-focused charities!)

We've got a blog now!

It's got up-to-date info on it, if you're on Tumblr you can click "follow", and it has a way of getting hold of us that doesn't require a social media account too - there's a "contact" link that leads to a contact form.

Meeting tomorrow night! DM me for the details. :)

It's the trans, nonbinary and questioning support/social group tonight in - DM if you want the details!

Just to let you all know, there won’t be a group this coming week, due to a scheduling conflict at the venue.

So our next meeting will be Thursday 19th November, about two and a half weeks from now.

Would folks who know they’ve got followers in Mid/North Wales be up for boosting?

We’re a transgender, nonbinary and questioning support and social group in , trying to get off the ground. We meet fortnightly on Thursday evenings, in a wheelchair accessible hired space.

There’s a social/support group tonight! Contact me for the details. :)

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