Very poor Drawing I did of a lewd that a stranger presumably accidentally sent me, one boob out, boosts + 

kickstarter strech goal for my mastodon account: at $4,000 dollars i will write one (1) good post

worried about the day my employer finally finds this account and I'm faced with the terrible reality of being outed as a gamer

one family can live on a single boost for over 13 months.

who is the leader

reminder: this halloween, if you see anyone in a pickle rick costume, you can legally decapitate them

Are you even a rock star programmer if you don't use VIM from a keytar


my iphone: i crave skin to skin contact

LEAKED audio from EXCLUSIVE apple keynote [2019] HUMAN TOUCH SENSING FEATURE.mp3

i cant believe hatsune miku has been made president of the free software foundation

me: *spitting blood* I’ll never give you the chaos emeralds

Obama: *rolling up his sleeves* let me be clear, uhh, I will break you.

#AustraliaFacts: kangaroo jack was the first true parallel to the joker in australian culture

At the end of the Avatar sequels the blue guys come to earth but the gravity is too strong and it squishes them down into tiny guys and that’s the beginning of smurfs.

Unless you're a Japanese spy from the Sengoku period that mysteriously knows how to use a computer, you are not a "code ninja". You're more likely to be "techbro programmer from the USA". Sorry to burst your bubbles, nerds

It's only a murder of crows if there's probable caws.

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