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philosophy is just people applying semantics to anxiety

Hey its my birthday today, so please seek out black culture in some form for black history month. Watch a movie (Carwash). Read a novel (Kindred). Play a tabletop RPG (Cyberpunk 2020). This is what I want for my birthday. 🙂

Some Asshole: The only reason someone will ever be nice is if it benefits them somehow

Humans: I'm gonna bring this plant home, and name him Greg, and water him every day. I love you Greg.

Andi just turned to me and dead pan asked “is Quinoa the ship name for Quistis x Rinoa?” and I need a new GF now because I’m unjunctioning this one

i should write an extension that replaces "sexy" with "fuckable" on tech review sites (and "sexiest" with "most fuckable")

We need more #mastodogs in the discord tbqh, right now it's the Beans and Wednesday show in pupperoonis

i used to think being the orb was just a schtick, a bit but over time things changed.. i could feel myself getting rounder and rounder.. now i cannot go back i can never go back

@chillallmen @citrustwee

hollon i'm trying. does this button delete it? what happens when i press this button???

The thing about 'not all men' is it's something men bark at people who are lashing out at the group that's hurting them. Trying to separate themselves and remove any affiliation.

All it does is tell those people to shut up while doing nothing to change the structures that allow toxic masculinity to continue that original victimisation. Step in and tell fellow men to stop, that it's not ok, instead of telling people, especially women, you're not like the others so how dare we get angry about it.

The French Homosexual Front for Revolutionary Action, which was active from 1971 until it was driven into the ground by police repression in 1974, included factions such as "les Gazolines", "a group of femme provocateurs who called for the nationalisation of sequin factories."

good morning, pleased to report that i'm still gay

The most unrealistic thing about Lord of The Rings is how none of the characters burst into laughter whenever they try to say the name of any other character.

i found a record of my old account and there was some good shit posted and boosted there

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