new government announcement: due to the economy you are no longer allowed to get horny for sexy stuff. only not sexy stuff . Thank you for your cooperation

A handsome dancing dinosaur with a delightful rainbow skin.. Ready to have a little party with you!

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#dancing #dinosaur #figurine #sculpted #ceramic #whitegold #mastoart

I'm glad Rust has realised that all programmers just shove print statements everywhere, and instead made dbg! so we can pretend we're not just avoiding using a debugger

people always ask me, garfeild, you have all these subtly different accounts, but you are the same rancid fucker and slop eating beast on each of them, so what is each accounts specific purpose? and to this i say, that the answer will be revealed, in time

Impressionist shitposting, i.e. you hint at the parts that would be funny and leave the assembly as an exercise to the reader

what's your sexsona? mine is guy who definitely knows what he's doing

the πŸ‘ correct πŸ‘ way πŸ‘ to πŸ‘ pronounce πŸ‘ "murder" πŸ‘ is πŸ‘ "moyda"

i'm not the only person who can give you communist theory, obscure esoteric trivia, and jokes about masturbation in the same place, but i am certainly among the best ones

*extremely youth pastor voice* hey there, fellow white trans girls, y'know what's *really* moe? anti-racism

i still personally don't think that abolish borders helps everyone.

how far back can we un-ravel this theoretically? 'we wouldnt need to do this if it wasnt for that'
yes yes

ppl w power/resources will move and displace ppl. is what i imagine happening. bc every thing is free range, right? instead of respecting the autonomy of ppl who have been abused & had land stolen. & the left has a racism problem

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So I've noticed this trend recently where they focus on heterosexual relationships in movies and TV series.

OK, I get it, this is a man-woman couple, political correctness and everything.
But why are you trying to shove it down my throat?
Why there are these long completely unnatural cringe-inducing scenes of them kissing?
Does it really matter for a plot that they are of different genders?
Does some conservative speech police force you to put heterosexual couples everywhere?

Upon being told that the people had no faves, Marie Antoinette allegedly responded with "let them eat boosts"

kids these days don't know what it was like to play counter strike source in a clan with Americans they didn't really like recruited from xfire forums who would ask you to read their runescape fanfiction and that's why we need to bring back national service

eight weeks from now i'm gonna strut out of quarantine with a set of big stone tablets reading "chips are just savory cereal"

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