“Hey Doc, feeling kinda sad”

Doctor, in a low growl, “Do you long to feel the loam of the forest on your footpads?”


Doctor, baring teeth “Do you crave the camaraderie that can only come from stalking prey as a pack?”


“Then ask your Doctor if Lycanthropy™️ is right for you”

“You are my doctor”

“Lycanthropy™️ is right for you”

my pastor just gave a sermon called "What is hell like? Is it like Reddit? Yes. It is like Reddit. Reddit and hell are exactly the same."

who is outside my window shouting "sel flute." the phrase is "sel cute," and no i won't stop practicing flute solos from midnight-4am. show yourself coward

when you make a program public, no matter how simple, consider: does it need to be closed source?

making a personal project open source is as simple as choosing a license and hosting it publicly with e.g. github, gitlab... and you can technically skip that first step (although you shouldn't)

the fedi is just queer people loving and affirming each other the way we didn't get when we were kids and i love that

are your teens texting about healyn?? know the signs,

smh : so much healyn
wth : whoa, that’s healyn
hrt : healyn ring toss
imho : i’ll make healyn ours
tbh : tough butt healyn

but if you smile 3,000 times per year it adds up and counts as charity, so you can write the smile off your taxes

I'm in a room with Neil Degrasse Tyson. He tries to tell me some of the many reasons why Ant-Man couldn't exist in real life. I kick him in the chest

I only acknowledge one masto celeb and that's Wotan

all the cool kids are in a cabal, and i'm sitting here conning toddlers out of their inheritance like some kinda shmuck

hearing from multiple sources that healyn was topped by the loch ness monster

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