i do think it's true to some degree that "the left can't meme"

not in the sense that you can't produce good memes but in the sense that you're often not meme-literate enough to understand what ideological purpose a meme was actually designed to accomplish

@em tbh I think the format itself minimises the content to a degree. Memes are so ubiquitous they disincentivise you from thinking about what they're saying.


@em like how television shows are just primer to get your brain soft enough for advertising to work better.

@Vqrxtvs yeah, and i think that generally works in the right's favor. like, no one's ever decided to start respecting women just because of the meme, but i do think it's given some people the idea that respecting women is "cringe"

@em making a serious meme inherently comes across as satire, at best, I think.

@em whereas the right will make a racist meme and claim it's "just a joke", and that somehow gets a pass.

@Vqrxtvs yeah! and the point of bigoted jokes these days is no longer just that racism/sexism/transphobia/whatever is funny, the actual point is to package their ideology in an easily shareable format

@Vqrxtvs and when leftists quote tweet them to talk about how fucked up they are, they're still spreading the meme

CW EC, it's Iggy pop 

CW EC, it's Iggy pop 

CW EC, it's Iggy pop 

CW EC, it's Iggy pop 

@em @Vqrxtvs all holy books and religions are cringe too

it's like a backup plan for arguments

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