time ya'll.
Show me some trans positivity! Tell me awesome things about you, your experiences!
Enbies welcome too!

For those who aren't trans/enbie, AMA [within reason!] Ask a stupid and get a stupid in return mind :P

2286. 6-Foot Zone 

So, after convincing SEVERAL people to go for the ultimate queer cut [sideshave/underbuzz] and finally deciding to do it myself... I cannot find my hair clippers. I found all the accessories, I found several artifacts from The Before Time... couldn't find the clippers :(

CW: Discrimination 

Coronavirus, UK/USpol 

Begpost, boosts+, help a sick enby out 

The chainmail glove I got to protect my hand while using an X acto knife also allows me to safely pet grumpy cats!

Well damn... my friends learned I was struggling, Im now being kidnapped to attend a LARP fest (and it paid for) and being kidnapped to go to London Pride (and paid for)

I have fucking amazing friends :rainbow_meeple:​ :genderqueer_meeple:​ :asexual_meeple:​ :transgender_meeple:​

Enby shitpost, gaslight ment 

I miss my partner. They stayed over for a few days, and I got used to knowing they were sleeping next to me.

Mental Health. EUPD, Autism. 


#Larp #FnH #AnnaBower
So we had 11(!!) newbies turn up today. going around the site, I told them to use a particular route as it was a bit treacherous, just as one of the regulars slid and fell. I went the safer route... I slid forward, landed squarely on my butt, kept sliding forward and slammed my back on the ground. I've 3 points of pain in my back...

I think I made an impression...


I just trimmed my hair... I think I just lost a stone in weight... (14lbs/6kg)... o.o

So my queer ass obtained what I can only describe as lesbian boots today... now to obtain rainbow laces for them :D

Fake gore, tiktok, grim evil things. 

implied Gore, fake weapons, Selfie, eyecontact. 

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