I wonder if I can customise the mask I've ordered with the villain colours without compromising it's integrity....

I am craving spicy foods once again...

Brains of Mastodon, Someone explain this to me? :/

Got bored, set up a bottrap on my website.
The plan is, they'll attempt to access something they shouldn't - usually wp-login.php - and instead end up on a page that should get some information out of them and then tell fail2ban to add them to the ban list....

That said... there's over 3000 banned IPs in my SSHD jail at the moment...

I'm an autistic femme genderqueer trans entity.
Before coming to this conclusion, I was definitely confused.



@curio blue lives literally don't exist lmao.

Good cops quit your job 2020 challenge


I am .
According to the US Administration, I am a terrorist.

I am non-violent. I am anti-hate, I am anti-racist, I am pro-choice, I am , I am human.

According to the US Administration, I am a terrorist.

I am Transgender, Asexual, Omniromantic, and in a long-term relationship with a cis woman.

According to the US Administration, I am a terrorist.

ACAB, right wingers, uspol 

Sharing this here in case it isn’t making the rounds in the fediverse: a handy Google doc for people to do their own homework on how to be better allies and anti-racist: docs.google.com/document/u/1/d

I might be white, but...
I will stand with you.
I will defend you.
I will call out the hate against you.
and I will fight with you.

Mourn the dead, fight like hell for the living.
The oppressors will not win.

They're finally here! Show your terrifying true colors while staying safe with these QVP FACE MASKS! Made of a light yet sturdy washable cotton blend, these are great for quarantine errands, social events, or hypothetical criminal activities. Order now! gumroad.com/distressedegg#dBLM #QueerVillainPride



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