Mental Health, EUPD/BPD, self-harm. 

Eating disorder. 


in england skinny boys are called assless chaps

#DnD5e #NewbieTips #Trans
Soooo I may have agreed to try and DM for some peeps I see on occasion.
Anyone have any tips for me as a newbie DM, and advice I can give my newbie players?
I'm already looking at making some little cheatsheets for them

Anxiety, EUPD/BPD 

ADHD :( 

Trans shitpost, gun implied 

Ok I'm late, haven't seen the reveals yet and watching catch-up
Octopus is DEFINITELY Charlotte Church.
Monster is Cee-lo Green
Queen Bee is a LittleMix-er, just the body language gives her away.

The gender of the day is a chattering of goats.

Queer update: I'm feeling winningly and enjoyably queer.

Really bugs me there's no auto tracker for this yet... Like I know for competition they're illegal, but I just wanna chill without having to check off which items I have...

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