Playing Triforce Hunt on Ocarina of time, so far out of logic its not even funny... Epona mweeps.

Every time the horse makes a noise, it's the King Zora butt shuffle.

I'm not sure if I love or hate this seed now...

Really bugs me there's no auto tracker for this yet... Like I know for competition they're illegal, but I just wanna chill without having to check off which items I have...

So, here's my for here :)
I'm Xenni, AKA Flea the Magician. I'm Trans, Genderqueer, Asexual, Omniromantic and my mental health is best described as a oil transporter on fire.

Will whinge about my weight a bit, trying to lose a lot for SRS so will make other posts with tags and such.

Love my , love some though I'm not that good at it :P

You will see some posts and some posts, I watch a lot of twitch and play a lot of stardew.

Live loud and proud nerds <3

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