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Huh, Phillip Schofield came out as #gay and once again, it's national news... On the upside, there's nothing but support that I can see.. daren't look at the comments thought.
#lgbtqia #itsnotnews #notReadingCommentsIsSelfCare

#TheLastÉtude #LARP #Makeup
I'm going to need a decent pale af foundation... but not white... this could be interesting as I've already a decently light skin tone...

So, base of Anabelle, throw in a bit of Hysteria Alice, I have a LARP safe dagger to swipe at people with...

Kit Reqs:
Fake blood, white dress, bloodstained(?) white tights, boots(?), contacts(?)

#TheLastÉtude #larp
So this is a limited run larpI've been invited to, and its loosly around creator gods and their creations getting up to shenanigans... theres an option for some creations to "appear" from human imagination...

my mind went straight to Anabelle for some reason... I now need to make a Spontaneous Creation, that is essentially a demonic childrens doll that guards all that it believes or can be convinced to believe is innocent, and act with pure malicious fury at anything impure...

Ahh that moment when your own paranoid bullshit and mental health crap builds a wall between you and other people, and when you try to get past it, it crashes down and fucks everything with it, enforcing why you needed the damn wall...
#MentalHealth #EUPD

Kinda dreading this weekends #LARP events...

My paladin of death who has made an oath to never cure any fatal condition is going up against demons that cause a fatal disease in Lower Eborshire....

Then after that she will be going to find out what the hell has happened to some of the priests as even more have gone missing after the capital of the county has fallen to undead fuelled darkness...

Then again, at least I'm not leading the fight into said darkness yet.

is there anything better than microSD cards to demonstrate the concept that something can be technologically remarkable and also maddeningly shitty

Weight Management, food. 

So, here's my for here :)
I'm Xenni, AKA Flea the Magician. I'm Trans, Genderqueer, Asexual, Omniromantic and my mental health is best described as a oil transporter on fire.

Will whinge about my weight a bit, trying to lose a lot for SRS so will make other posts with tags and such.

Love my , love some though I'm not that good at it :P

You will see some posts and some posts, I watch a lot of twitch and play a lot of stardew.

Live loud and proud nerds <3

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