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This is to verify that I, UberActivist on, am @abby, @UberActivist, and @WeatherAbby on Mastodon.

The signed version of this message is posted on my public keybase folder here:

Why doesn't Windows have native support for tarballs?

In case you're curious what you're missing on birdsite

idk why I keep thinking "oh lets go back to vivaldi"

there's always problems

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It's actually strange how the supreme court can just kinda say fuck the Constitution and fuck your rights by just reinterpreting the Constitution.

Imagine a "no money in politics" amendment actually being ratified, and when it's tested the supreme court is loaded enough to basically nullify it.

Fucked up thought.

Isn't it technically possible for the supreme court to reinterpret the Constitution and its amendments? That's actually kinda fucked up.


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i wish gamers had gotten this mad when blizzard did mass layoffs after making record profits

instance rant 

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Another wooden ball. Would it kill the makers of avocados to include a different toy, like a mood ring or a novelty eraser?

I accidentally awoke o no

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re: Descent into the spinster "femininst" instance timeline 

re: Descent into the spinster "femininst" instance timeline 

re: Descent into the spinster "femininst" instance timeline 

Descent into the spinster "femininst" instance timeline 

Can confirm does not federate. Shoutout to @ChatLibertaire

Is spinster really federating with all these instances? wtf

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