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This is to verify that I, UberActivist on, am @abby, @UberActivist, and @WeatherAbby on Mastodon.

The signed version of this message is posted on my public keybase folder here:

Calendars: typically show whole months

Google Calendar: "I'm gonna show this ugly single day view by default"

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@grainloom honestly "look it up" sounds so much better than "google it" anyway like google is a fun word to say once and then it gets old

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Thanks for laying the groundwork, Richard... but apparently that doesn't stop you from being a bit of a douchebag (to say the very least).

Good riddance, then...

In the alternate universe where this actually happened, you'd witness Abby vs the IRS next April.

Hey Stellar Foundation why send keybase users billions when you could send me and only me billions

will shill for free money

Crypto nonsense that will get me free money 

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need help badly 

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Free software 

Crypto nonsense that will get me free money 

Fun story.

Just opened keybase after not looking at it in a while and apparently I had $20 in lumens they just randomly gave me.

My bank account is no longer negative now. Thanks stellar foundation I guess?

If the server goes down, I'll likely know within 5 minutes because of uptime robot ( but if the server is acting up but still running I could not know until I check my feed.

Interesting Fact: @dirt's toots account for a little less than half of all statuses on our instance.

I wanna stress this because of what happened recently. If you think anything is wrong with the server or have a complaint or something you'd rather send directly to me, please send an email to I read (at least the subject of) all my emails and it's the fastest way to get ahold of me.

Going to reboot the server at around 11 PM Central Daylight Time. Will be very very short.

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I hate the overwatch tech support forums. Their solution is always "your crash is caused by (using feature as intended). To fix this, just don't use that feature"

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馃尣馃尡馃尡馃崉馃尰 馃尡馃尰 馃尡馃尡

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