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This is to verify that I, UberActivist on, am @abby, @UberActivist, and @WeatherAbby on Mastodon.

The signed version of this message is posted on my public keybase folder here:

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in a gender seminar. the lecturer talks about her commitment to feminist pedagogy and the importance of space in the construction of hierarchy so she suggests that we shift the tables around. and after doing that it dawns on me that the tables ended up in the shape of a cock and balls

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@pinkprius it's like "hey Tim, last time I checked it didn't cost $2500 to renounce your windows license"

Pure unfiltered rage, all caps, in response to UI design 

Pure unfiltered rage, all caps, in response to UI design 

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The real Minecraft lore is that Jeb is God, and notch is Lucifer.

I mean, Notch is everything wrong with Minecraft. It checks out.

Jeb isn't the one who decided to make a game in fucking JAVA

Do I enjoy this game?


I bought it less than 24 hours ago.

This would've been a good post for a "Year of the Linux Desktop" joke

None of the reddit buttons actually work on r/games for me and it makes me really enraged...

Apparently Rocket League is dropping support for Mac OS and Linux????

What the fuck???

Fuck it, #Temtem is a hashtag now.

Anyone else been playing Temtem lately?

To anyone who doesn't know:

Tiny overwatch is literally just 12 people tossing ultimates at each other in a tiny room.

That's it.

And I did that for 4 hours

I just spent 4 god damn hours playing Tiny Overwatch

how did I let this happen?

I am a very boring person send toot

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