Why is there no option to play music over the phone speaker? Like if you're in public and forgot to bring headphones but wanna listen to music.

@abby ??? every smartphone I've ever owned has been able to do that.

@LadySil @abby same. what horrors is Apple creating now? buy a usb-c handset if you want to talk on your phone?

@lyliawisteria @LadySil the phone speaker, as in the one you put your ear against to talk on the phone. Not the regular speaker.

@abby Because it'd be rude. You should never listen to music loudly in public, other people might not enjoy it. (Also, I'm not sure what phone you have because mine (the cheapest one they had) can totally do that, even though I never use it for obvious reasons...)

@levi I mean the ear speaker. The one you use when taking a phone call.

@abby Oh! Well, in that case I'm sure there's an app for it.

@abby I googled a bit, seems like you could use the app Earpiece for an Android phone or EarPlay Music for an iPhone, both of which are free. If you still have the issue that is :-D

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