Anyone who sticks around on is a legend honestly.

The timelines are such a mess of literally ever language and subject known to mankind and it's just constantly going nonstop every fraction of a second.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's a huge turnoff to the people trying the fediverse for the first time

When I used it I tried filtering languages and all.

Didn't really help.

@abby There used to be a feature a few years ago now where if you joined up, it automatically followed the administrator maintainers (of which I was incorrectly marked since I contributed). Within a few days I suddenly had 5k followers and it was like being dropped into a bazaar of people from all over the world.

@abby honestly when i made the joke account i was shocked at how unusable the instance truly was

@abby quite honestly, I've stopped reading the local timeline...

maybe I should really find a better instance? how's

@Jellal Dashboard says 69 users are active this week. I'm not sure if that's true, but even as of today there's less than 20 people in the Local Timeline, so it's definitely follow-able

@abby I see!! I may join then. ^^ lemme think about it for a bit longer

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