In case you're curious what you're missing on birdsite

re: Descent into the spinster "femininst" instance timeline 

Can confirm does not federate. Shoutout to @ChatLibertaire

Is spinster really federating with all these instances? wtf

Honestly when I saw a sports related instance pop up, I was mildly concerned.

This puts me at ease though...

Twitter "leftist" politics 

the steam games user-provided tags are hot garbage

Am I gonna have to approve a new one every day this month?

The GPS said it'd be a 1 hour wait. Awesome!

Petition to get IFTTT to leave me the fuck alone

this is silly but I finally got my Hurricane Electric IPV6 tunnel to work and I'm so happy.

Calendars: typically show whole months

Google Calendar: "I'm gonna show this ugly single day view by default"

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