Crowder/Shapiro meme, making fun of their bigoted jokes

family bullshit 

family bullshit 

Negative family 

Personal negative 

This is possible on the Duckduckgo website without any extensions.

Interstate 49... wait fuck that's a real interstate proposal. How'd that get there?

Shitty joke about Yuma, AZ 

I-119 will serve as a spur between Nogales and Sierra Vista. It will also be the only Interstate signed in Astronomical Units instead of miles.

Interstate 420 will serve as a bypass of Midland Texas AND a direct route from Dallas and El Paso to Denver, CO

because... uhh


This one isn't fake. I just wanted to make everyone aware of Interstate 69.

We're filling in the Colorado river with asphalt for this one kids. This one's the best because it means the governors of Nevada and Arizona get to fight to the death over who owns it.

This one is called the Bakersfield Superhighway.... because in California, all roads now lead to Bakersfield. Sorry I don't make the rules.

Why worry about the Darién Gap when you can just skip the rest of North America entirely.

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