The Google Calendar app will not function beyond December 2037

@joshyrobot @lynnesbian I'm late but I forgot to mention... If you have an app update disabled, you can't manually refresh for updates anymore.

Please take your change. Cash is dispensed below the scanner.

Thank you for shopping at Walmart.

Use pinpad to complete transaction.

Insert cash or select payment type.

Unscanned item in the bagging area.

Unscanned item in the bagging area.

Welcome. Please scan your first item.

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pinkwashing, rainbow capitalism, human rights campaign = not fit for purpose 

Instance meta 

Currently updating to v2.9.1. The server may go down briefly.

I wish I wasn't such a boring person

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US concentration camps, human rights violations of extreme scale. (if you're in the US, *please* do read once you've braced yourself, we *need* your help) 

Both my isp and my mobile carrier block


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