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No really pls do this I want friends

Message me on XMPP I guess.

Thunderbird is like a weird hodgepodge of like... Firefox and Outlook.

And it's kinda messy but also kinda cool.

Hey @Gargron this scrollbar styling seems out of place in the toot compose box.

An alternate reality where, in 2020 Google announces the successor to the World Wide Web, named the Chrome Web, featuring standards which are very closed in their implementation nature, requiring every single new standard added to it to be reverse engineered or something.

idk where I'm going with this

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Alright, thanks to the couple of people who emailed. I can confirm it works

I've set up an official business email for

Send a test message to for me to test it out pls

I know there are a lot of witches who are good with the arcane and stuff, so I was wondering...

Do any of you know where I can find the InstallShield Wizard? I really want his autograph.

Anyone else use quotation marks for grouping of related words that are together but wouldn't work right if used with parenthesis?

*computer bluescreens while fighting the minecraft ender dragon*

*checks the reliability monitor... empty*

*checks BlueScreenView, empty*

*checks the Event Viewer*

Well that's real fucking dandy.

Mother Nature drops a big chungus on the deep south

It's actually really good.

Perks of working at a movie theater I guess, you get to see movies a day early in a quiet theater with your coworkers.

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I defeated the ender dragon but in the process I had a bluescreen while I was standing in dragons breath

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reminder to refer to the collective network as "fedi" instead of "masto".

lots of new people joining, and lots of media attention about Mastodon, we dont want a github situation where an implementation is thought of as synonymous with the tech.

the best part of computers is people can do things how they want to, so its important to make people aware of the different options :lainhappy:
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