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Playing American Truck Simulator if anyone wants to watch

"Dupont strongly denies the allegations of river pollution"

"sorry bud, your company belongs to the people now. Get the fuck out and take your board of directors with you"

Imagine if every time a company made a major fuck up, it was nationalized instead of being fined 10% of a day's revenue

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Breaking: The Atlantic forgot that "history" is a thing that exists.

Politics, Bernie 

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Anyone want an invite to my Minecraft realm?

I like bedrock because it looks and runs the exact same as java, but uses a quarter of the resources

Java Minecraft or Bedrock Minecraft

day 2 of trying to get people to play minecraft with me: still no takers

Anyone wanna play on my Minecraft Java Edition Realm? PM me your username for an invite.

Can someone help me turn the following command into a daily cron job?

RAILS_ENV=production ./bin/tootctl media remove

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r/relationships has 2 kinds of posts:

-my boyfriend, lord death of the murder castle, is powering his airship with orphan's blood. how do I rescue this relationship

-my girlfriend smiled at another man. is it legal to slash her tires

Anyone wanna be invited to the Minecraft realm?

Ain't no aliens 'cause ain't no space 'cause ain't no globe earth

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I'm making a Minecraft realm. Anyone want in?

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"We didn't start the fire" but it's a drinking game where you have to drink every time something the US actually did start is mentioned.

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Translation: We want you to see our horrendous subreddit CSS.

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