Yay for incidentally queer protagonists! <3 ^_^

Bodily waste 

Spoiler warning for new She-Ra 

Catra: "Cool! Maybe this planet chased off the Horde with bad architecture"

Catra, later, realising the Horde actually might have been chased off by bad architecture:

The absolute, single most Entrapta thing: flirting with a robot by calling it technologically advanced, while it's preparing to kill her

Omg that bank robbery episode of the new :o <3 *crying*

The Steam workshop should retain prior versions of mods unless the creator chooses to delete them, and game launchers should by default sync the version number of the game with the most recent version of each mod to support that version number. That way you resolve the issue of patches causing problems for people who use a lot of mods where different mods are updated to compatibility with the latest patch at different rates

TIL that Altered Carbon, like Harry Potter, was written by Hatsune Miku

Streaming sites need a random episode option for series

Can anyone recommend a decent free map making tool? I've got a creative itch :P

Oh my god the utter ahistorical liberalism of AC3! "I must save [George Washington] so that [1] his cause may flourish and [2] [the indigenous peoples] may be free" uhhhhhhh you can have one of those outcomes, but not both

You know you've not had your morning tea yet when you nearly put your cereals in it >_>

Just realised Kyubeys have toxoplasmosis and that's horrifying. Are cats devouring our souls to power their homeworld!? :o

Worst thing: multiple earworms all smooshed together into one fuck awful remix

Even worse thing: that, but you're trying to sleep

Rewatching from the start. Hindsight puts Ward's objections to adding Skye to the team in a whole new light

Playing Assassins' Creed 3. I gotta be honest, parkouring around colonial Massachussetts just isn't as fun as parkouring around medieval Arabia & renaissance Italy

hey remember when I said that the financial press is the left's most underrated propaganda organ

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