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mh- (but +/ok now), what happened yesterday since i got asked a few times by people worried 

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i'm gonna reiterate this and pin it because seriously

please don't flirt with me

it makes me very uncomfortable

figure i should mention given what's going on in Chile right now, Ema and I are ok

relationship, ++++++++++ 

my dream spreadsheet program would have that plus the ability to insert non-spreadsheet pages honestly

is there a spreadsheet program with support for collapsible lists inside cells

i have really needed something like this for a while

mh + 

wait we have instance only posting now


this ur hi i'm still alive post


i'm gayer than ever

tied for one of the two most powerful lesbians in the world

would i look good in a halter top

big Celeste chapter 9 spoiler, do NOT open if you don't want spoilers, serious not a bit 

oh i didn't mention here but

i booked my flight to Chile to move to be with Ema

i move in 8 days.

today's topical wife meme 

i've basically spent my entire life in toronto, ftr

it is my last week in canada, maybe for the rest of my life.

EU shoe sizes make so much more sense than NA wtf

i'm moving to be with Ema, soon

like maybe two weeks soon

like i am packed and ready and waiting on picking up one thing soon

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