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Is there really anyone who would crowdfund and be a patron of a discord bot? like one that is tailored to being queer friendly and free software? I wanna see if the support is actually there.

I feel the amount of free software bots on Discord is extremely low and quite scary.

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sunbeam city sure is a good instance tbh

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me: i'm gonna get some stuff done while i wait for phone to charge to go get id stuff sorted
my lesbian ass, having spoken to my girlfriend for like 2 minutes: o what was i going to do???? idk i'm gay.....

so, i'm working on an assignment on the history of trans women in tech.

the problem is that actually *searching* for names of trans women who have worked, historically, in tech so that i can look into them is proving to be difficult, never mind trans PoC.

so uhh, can anyone point me in the right direction or give me leads? i'm going to be doing quite a bit of my own research later.

i am regularly overwhelmed by gay feelings ama

extremely frustrated and annoyed tbh

wheee updating linux broke all my networking drivers

it was time to update anyways

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