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i'm a happy little gay girl, under a certain definition of little


hi so i just want to contribute to the discourse

i think dogs should not just vote but be in charge of everything except hot dogs, because they would just eat all of them and get sick

you joke but there's certainly girl systems and they're super valid

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i like that if you draw a circle around the first letter of my name...

it has been 60 years and this bed will be my grave

pros of being a lesbian

cons of being a lesbian
getting trapped in bed by a cycle of melting

if i had a house some day, i would replace the lawn with some kind of garden if i could. anything but just grass.

this is ur monthly Amber reminder that lawns are a horrible blight

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are there any other speedrunners here who might be potentially interested in a small online marathon? i've been thinking of organizing something for a while.

oh no is it gay/lesbian discourse day

why is all social media cursed

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there are two birds inside you

wait no i'm doing this wrong

there are SEVENTY birds inside you

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