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same time as in literal same time not same local times

also it occurs to me that because of timezone differences and college Ema and i are going to sleep and waking up at roughly the same time and that makes me super happy for some reason

anyways, i'm me, i'm a lesbian, i'm Amber, and i love Ema

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just interesting really figuring out a "weird" thing is completely normal and fine

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i was warned estrogen was good but nothing could prepare me for actually being on it

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welcome to that point of the night where Ema is sleep and im too bursting with love for her to not shout it everywhere

in an alternate universe where microsoft made phones instead of computer OSes

people stopped using phones

ok ok last time (this is a lie) i post about this but just

holy shit the euphoria of realizing the HRT is definitely having some kind of small effect already even if it's just fucking exhausting me and maybe making me feel a little indescribably odd sensory-wise?

i'm lesbian, i'm woman, i'm transbian, i'm my girlfriend's girlfriend, i fuckin MADE IT i survived and i'm so happy.

huh i guess this is what less testosterone is like rad

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