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reintroduction since this got.. very out of date. 

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oh i forgot to mention on here, i made that flag, its the Amber flag

"unconditional love" discourse, seriously why is this discourse 

does anyone have any kind of third party right joycon and want to help me test a thing quickly

it's literally just pressing and holding the home button with the switch asleep (not shut down) but docked and telling me if it turns on


amber culture is just stating something to be a subtoot, despite it being VERY not subtle, and it becoming one through sheer force of will

selfie, eye contact, extremely powerful butch woman inside 


i'm feeling very gay today

yes i feel very gay every day

i'm a lesbian

yea, it's because of a bunch of breakthroughs and me entirely understanding how the game works now

Cave Story 3D Best Ending WR is now 7m26s thanks to me

beats previous WR by 24 minutes

thinkin of the future 

i love being a lesbian

i love my partner

i love being trans and a woman

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