hey cis people

you can choose a new name for yourself too if you don't like the one you were given

it's allowed

this is a life hack by Amber

wait am i even followed by any cis people here


Apparently it's 'rude' to do that though, it's 'disrespecting' your parents.

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@amberf choosing your own name is awesome whoever you are/were/will be

@amberf I would personally like to boost the concept of an "art-name", something like a nom-de-plume but with a wider application to the arts - one for each of the arts one practices! :D

@amberf @Lumb Fun fact, you're actually not allowed to do that in Germany unless you have a doctor's prescription. No arbitrary name changes 😞

@Gargron @amberf
Well that's just fuckin sucky. Why come? Like, 😕

Also not possible in Quebec. Moreover it's not possible to change your name because you get married there either. Names are meant to be essentially immutable.
@Gargron @amberf

@Gargron @amberf @Lumb I mean technically you're allowed to change your name ... just not on official documents.
I actually konw a cis person, that uses her legal name only on official documents and otherwise always goes by a "chosen" name.

@amberf Exactly. I'm cis & I changed mine the day after I turned 18. I wanted to define who I was and changing my name was an important part of this.

@amberf I would, because my parents named me after the wrong apostle, but there's no way I'd be able to convince my partner to call me Judas.

I mean I'm enby and not cis but im changing my name because i think the new name fits me better, got nothing to do with my gender or lack thereof. Ironically my new name is more heavily gendered toward my agab than the name my parents chose.

@amberf I had like 3 different cis friends go change their names in college and one of those 3 didn't even change the pronunciation just the spelling lol.

But I do it and suddenly it's "Oh uh sorry I've known you so long it's just hard to start calling you Zöe" so I registered the domain name and made that my email address so people get a little reminder every time they email me lol

@amberf I really really cringe every time I hear someone (even well meaning allies) use the phrase "real name" to mean "birth name" or even "legal name". A real name is something you're known by, want to be known by, or call yourself. One can have multiple real names, and they don't have to match up to legal names. Legal names may not be real names by many people's definitions. And in many places, legal names can change. :) Seems like people tend to forget that.

@amberf Sorry for going on a rant there, I just had a mental segue into the thing that led me to finally dump the more mainstream social networks and come here. (We lost an account over that name policy thing. And said, uh, okay, sure!)

@amberf it’s true! One of my cis friends was already on her third first name before I decided on my second one

@amberf Yeah, like a friend of mine. He wanted to change his name, and he chose MY name. Now I'm pissed at him.

@amberf Maybe don't do the first name that you think of though cuz I kinda tried making my name Goku when I was like 7 and boy am I glad that didn't work out.

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