Gender is a flimsy cardboard box that I will rip through with my sharp dino teeth! :dino:

I fell off my skateboard today bc I was a dumbass and wore sandals so I won’t be doing THAT again ahha..... my body hurts and my pride hurts and my feelings hurt but not because I fell off my skateboard

Or pre-sad about something they might say so you accidentally create a self fulfilling prophecy by being sad going into the encounter

Y’all ever get pre-mad at someone for something they ain’t done yet but you’re pretty sure they’re gonna and you’re gonna be prepared this time

itunes says Phil Collins 'You'll be in my heart' is "children's music"

My phone keeps autocorrecting gender to fever, and I just keep thinking "I have a gender and the only cure is more cowbell".

*clenches fist*

80's remixes of modern pop tracks... sexey

I’m gonna have to walk to the bus in the rain 😒😒😒

I wanna be a blacksmith but that means I have to bulk up

take me down to the lesbian city where we all like girls cuz all girls are pretty

I don’t think I’ve ever drank Mountain Dew ? But I imagine it tastes like ....lime green neon lights look. Poison and glass?

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