April showers bring May flowers but names will never hurt me

Because I think @alex is great, I’m gonna toot every picture I take of Dill today.

ladies and theydies, dudes and thudes, and all you other cool cats,

this is mambo number five

not to dunk on shania twain here but if you're a rocket scientist then i think that's pretty impressive actually. that do impress me much

"Be gay do crimes" and "boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, that's why I poop on company time" have inspired more direct action in the younger generation than all the somber old slogans combined, and it's because they're funny and memeable. It's because every gen z will see both on social media at one point in at least one form, and they'll stick in their mind

Adjust your messaging to your audience and your culture

Country road! :yell:
Take me home! :yell:
To the place! :yell:
I beloooooooooooong! :yell:
W :yell: E :yell: S :yell: T
V :yell: I :yell: R :yell: G :yell: I :yell: N :yell: I :yell: A

sometimes :yell: is happy,
sometimes :yell: is sad,
sometimes :yell: is both,
sometimes :yell: is neither,
sometimes :yell: is song lyrics,
sometimes :yell: is just a mood,
sometimes :yell: is personal posting

I’m just zippin thru the local timeline boostin and favin Willy and Nilly

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Whenever i get deadnamed at work i like to say "that guy... he's gone forever. banished."


1. What is your avatar and why did you choose it?

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