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wanna watch the new madoka magica world anime to relive 2012 but there's no time

typing ❀️

-default heart
-you might look like a white mom

typing πŸ’–

-cool heart
-you look like a cooler version of me

PSA, sexual assault 

@badmoxx Yes exactly!

If you tackle capitalism, and not systemic oppression? You have not defeated capitalism.

If you tackle a system of oppression without going after capitalism (and other systems of oppression, considering they're linked)? You will never dismantle that system.

this is how anyone should've always known anyone who says "america first" is literally advocating genocide: america has never stopped being the main focus of all american media, politics, etc.. america was already the top priority of american politicians, journalists, etc.. so saying "america first" is a fucking euphemism

literally all of the discourse revolves around americans

"was he a threat to americans? is america safer or less safe? will america be ok? what does this mean for american politics?"

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