I've been improving at responding to my partners' posts in a timely manner. It makes me feel good to not have them waiting so long.

the phrase "identifies as" with respect to gender is, in every scenario i can think of, unnecessary and potentially shitty. the word you're looking for is "is"

coming out as a basic 

I love looking at others' bullet journals, but I don't believe I have the creativity or steady hand to make one myself! Gosh they're so pretty though.

I've discovered the existence of an absolutely stunning plant called a 'stromanthe'. Look at how beautiful this is! Wow!

Here's a doodle I did last night before going to bed!
Kai is a friend to every birb ( @sempervirart is the one who did the pic on the right with this picrew chara-maker >> picrew.me/image_maker/58601 )

#mastoart #creativetoots #doodles #OCs #Miriverse #Kai

an open letter to anyone who claims that a word can only mean one thing, and that any other meanings are Bad and Wrong:

allow me (and the rest of the field of linguistics) to introduce you to polysemy: the fact that words and phrases can have more than one meaning simultaneously! It's true of every language (except, like, Lojban)!

And contextuality: the fact that the context in which words are said determines their meaning!

Hopefully now these unhelpful arguments can stop,?

(lol ofc not)

Tomboy X has pink briefs on sale for 13 USD... 👀 I don't know if I can fit a medium though, that might be too big now. Hm...

Today in history, Netscape Corporation was founded. I find it funny that a browser company that no longer exists was started on 4/04. #tbt

$205 to take GREs
$110 to apply
$250 to accept
$5 to send transcripts

just getting into grad school is SO. EXPENSIVE.

I did a very basic workout that took me less than 15 minutes and I'm already sore. I didn't realise I was *this* out of shape. 💀

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