TERFs are to Gender Studies what Flat-Earthers are to astrophysics.

Fav if you agree
RT if you agree and you think I'm pretty
Reply if you agree and you want to be my friend :)

@snark_web thank you porg. Here is a gif I made of bb-8, I hope you enjoy Star Wars unsarcastically

@dirt interesting thesis! I agree and you seem cool let's mufo

@dirt I don't really have a thing to add because this is spot on ✨

@IanWP they don't call me a hot genius for nothin'!

@dirt As someone with astrophysical aspirations, I 100% concur.

@snizbanquette yeah I'm retiring, I have nothing left to contribute to society

@ErinUnruh you tooted it that's legally binding hahahaha sucker

@fulgid it was just a trick to get people to do all three because I deserve 3x the attention as everyone else

@dirt good good, let the friendship flow through you

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