The cool thing about me is that i'm online a lot and also i'm a huge dumbass

i love this toot so much. i legit think about it when i'm sad and it wraps me up like a blanket. My favorite part is the use of the singular "thing".

@moiety @dirt At least clever enough to trick me into making my 69th toot about her.


this is one of my all time favorite toots

@dirt hey, so, we have a lot in common, wanna never talk to each other again?

@dirt that’s two things, so you’re actually twice as cool as you thought.

@dirt I swear I boost this every time I go to your profile. It's one of my favorites.

@dirt I think you under estimate yourself ...
"yesterday is history ...
tomorrow is a mystery ...
but today is a gift!
that's why it's called the "present"

@dirt I think about this post several times a day

@dirt *japandroids voice*
Huge dumbasses forever

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