It's weird to log off Mastodon and walk home and just be, like, surrounded by straight people on the sidewalk

i love being queer. i love being trans and bi and existing in a world that so many people have no idea exists. It feels like when you are playing a video game and the map changes into like a dream version or something, like in Link to the Past. We walk around in the same physical space, but a completely different life, a different world. i love it

This is what the song Flux by Baths is about, thank you

@dirt I frequently forget that most people are straight.

@moth i saw a straight couple kissing the other day and thought "they can do that? Since when??"

@moth i'm just kidding around. I know it's allowed. They were probably both bi, right?

@moth @dirt I have forgotten that straight people exist before

It was a small moment of bliss

@dirt i was like "why would she have to go somewhere to use mastodon why can't she use mastodon at home" but then i understood it and was mainly sorry about your bad experience with real life

@Olli_W_ i spend enough of my day on Masto which i think makes me a professional shitposter, so it's fine

@dirt plus u turn into a pink bunny, also like in link to the past

@dirt and when you're not out, everything turns into Metal Gear Solid - desperately checking people's awareness cones for fear of revealing yourself :p

@StaleWhiteBread i had a Tumblr but i only used it for like a month in 2012, so i am not sure how to take this, sorry!

Tumblr is having a shit fit wrt nudity/porn. They're banning all porn/adult images effective 2018/12/17, but they're using some sort of algorithm to detect it at scale. It's hilariously bad, notably tagging shit like watercolors of hands as adult content. This, and the sentement behind it, is leading people from Tumblr to here. While the reason they're doing it makes sense (people were uploading child porn) the results suck.

@StaleWhiteBread sure, so what does it mean that the Fediverse is the new Tumblr? That's the part i'm unclear on. Thanks! <3

Much like Tumblr, we're all fully automated luxury gay space communists

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