Girls on Mastodon be like "i'm 26"

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This is my favorite dirt meme. Obviously there is a wide range of ages for users, but a lot of us are in our mid-to-late-20s or early-30s. Young enough to be tech savvy and want social media in our lives, but old enough to be scared of major corporate platforms. Also girls

@dirt oooh lol I thought this was a comment similar to “all cis men on OKC are exactly 6’ tall” 😆

i'm not youthful and spritely like that i'm 28 and decrepit

@dirt you know what In The Aeroplane Over The Sea was? Mangum's Opus.

@dirt wow, that means I have 3 years to do a real glow up and become a bona fide Girl on Mastodon, with like friends and everything!

lol jk I'm a bunch of rats

@dirt thank you, your faith will go towards tying me to this world so I may become Real

@dirt dang when i turn 27 am i no longer allowed on mastodon

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