Me: i love Mastodon. Decentralized social media all the way. i hope everyone quits Twitter and signs up

Me: *thinks about my co-workers seeing my profile*

Me: some people can stay on Twitter. That's fine

i would like my coworkers a lot more if i knew they were as online as i am and also were committed to an open source, decentralized platform. At the same time, they would not be allowed to follow me because i post too much and too nakedly

@dirt This is why you have multiple profiles. The cow-orkers can see the one on, and friends can see the one on

@hummingrain i have all kinds of big moods. A big mood for any occasion, practically

@dirt I think Twitter is very important in the same way 4chan is very important: it keeps certain people away from the good places. :blobcatsip:

My boss once found one of my posts in a Mastodon best-of screenshot compilation on Hellsite and I almost fucking died

The good news is that he was like, "This looks like a really fucking awesome queer space and I'm a big straight white guy and it doesn't feel like my domain to intrude upon,." Heck bosses. But he's okay.

@dirt is the time coming here when we all have our real accounts and our accounts that we show coworkers and aunts and uncles where we just post random “orange man bad” takes and never respond to mentions?

@sweetmercury @dirt i mean, that used to be the standard way of doing things

@dirt I think that's the real power of the fediverse... Just like you can have multiple email accounts for different online situations/personas, you can have accounts on different instances, with different goals in mind.

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