Assigning you a tree is a way for me to tell you that you're good to your friends and needed in your own personal ecosystem without me having to get sentimental or talk about feelings uh send toot


@Pixley yeah, i love... trees. i love trees. I think that *trees* have been very good for my mental health and that... trees make me excited and happy to wake up on days where there's not much else. Really really love trees

@dirt @Pixley yup i sure do love walking in the woods and hanging out with some good old trees for a while, sometimes i spend more time amongst the trees than i do with my real-life friends. i mean my friends down in town

@burgin @dirt @Pixley

I like big trunks and I cannot lie,
You garden lovers can't deny,
That when a tree grows up
With a massive massive trunk
And huge branches in the sky
You have hugs!

@dirt I like how trees always have something to give of themselves, fruit or nuts or oxygen, but also could always also use a little water, or nutrients, or pollination, I like that, I like trees

@dirt @Pixley

Trees are the best part about the world and I refuse to accept otherwise.

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