The best Mastodon meme was when we told each other how much we loved and cared for one another

@dirt I’m glad we are friends, Claire! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

@dirt hey you're a cool person and I'm glad I know you

i will not let the people i love spend their lives not knowing what they mean to me. i will not


love you too friend. next time we're in philly you want to meet up for lunch or something?

@dirt I missed the crest of that one, so hey, you're important to me!


hey i feel like we're sort of at the outer periphery of each others' orbits most of the time but you're great and my life is enriched by you

@HTHR been there, brandslayer. Been there

@dirt I still love and care for all the tooters on here 😊😊😊 the loving doesn't ever have to stop

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