went back to reddit for dating advice. seems right

this is very helpful. understanding why my last relationship fell apart

the suggestion was for men to take showers and ask questions if they wanted to be successful at dating

oh no this thread is about if men & women can be platonic friends and the consensus is... not great

@Pixley @dirt @muppetbutler you're nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine in a million

@dirt you'll be shocked, absolutely shocked that women aren't looking for an absolutely boring average man

@prophet_goddess Karen went back to bad NYT articles and i threatened to go back if she did so... here we are

@byttyrs @dirt

Claire, please get off Reddit. You have friends here that love you, and we're worried.

@dirt I’m excited to do the okcupid thing this summer that’s going to be an adventure

@Torie pro tip: let your shitposter friends make every decision for you. Works 100% of the time, in my experience (1/1)

@dirt I love these cuz these guys tell on themselves so badly. "Average" guys seem to do fine, hell even "below average," these guys are just staggeringly repulsive and can't comprehend that only a handful of people are staggeringly repulsive.

@dirt make a profile on a dating site but make yourself a cardboard cutout of a person who sits at home literally 100% of the time and has no meaningful hobbies. you'd be surprised how few people want to date you

@gayalien make a profile where you take the picture in the dark with the flash on and your eyes closed and then be mean to wait staff at restaurants and see how much you like dating

@dirt make a profile where your picture is of a mogwai from gremlins and speak only in star wars quotes with 30 matrix quotes in your profile despite being a cis man and see how many #Women are lined up to bend your spoon

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