Eugen make federated tinder

Eugen make federated Logan's Run Circuit

How many Devin Townsend albums do i have to listen to to make this happen?

@dirt Wait, is this not already a dating site?

@ALWETP @dirt I've seen enough couples form on here to convince me that it is

@dirt nooooooooooooooo the structure makes it basically a giant implicit bias test except it’s not a test.

@ElectricAsherah but i want people to want to smooch me, and at the same time i don't want to leave my bed

@ElectricAsherah say, hypothetically, someone was at work and couldn't watch a youtube video. How would you describe what you've linked here? Hypothetically, of course

@dirt It involves a dystopian future where (among other things) people looking for some fun can enter themselves into “the circuit” to be browsed, and then chosen by.... whomever and teleported immediately into their rooms. They appear as hologram-like 3D images until selected, at which point they instantly materialize so everyone can enjoy themselves.

@dirt Since the interaction possibilities are more or less immediate, I would think it would reduce the implicit bias issues at least a little. Also then people are teleported directly to your bed which is 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

@dirt But do watch it later if you can, Michael Yorke’s caftan here is #goals.


Honestly someone do this though. It would be hilarious to watch

@Eweish i can only see it being a disaster haha

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