where is a good spot for a deer tattoo

I see deer biking home every night and you perfectly captured their eerie but elegant anxiety

@QuakerWanker @dirt 😔 <= My face when I read your post a second time and realized the deer weren't the one doing the biking

@dirt bad joke. any time I see 4 panel anything my brain tires to interpret it as a meme. That's just me though. Your deer are cute!

@moiety @cogitoergofemme you vs the deer she tells you not to worry about

@dirt but really though these are really cute I love it!!

@penelopie__ i don't think you should tattoo your eyes, penny

@bryn i'm sorry they don't have antlers, the next ones will

@dirt please tag me in the next one's i don't wanna miss them!! ✨

@toilet thank you! Not a comic, but still fun to make!

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