Me, commenting on my friends selfies: holy fucking shit 😍 please make out with me until i literally die so i can be an angel and finally be in your league because omgghhhh 😍 😍 😭 😭

Me, commenting on a crush's selfie: cute 🤠

🤠 is the flirtiest jumanji and it isn't particularly close

@dirt What about friends that you have a crush on?

@dirt *totally doesn't go look at her own selfies*

@dirt what does it mean when you 50% fav, 50% ignore a selfie?

@wersimmon i message you on Wire, stop complaining :p

@anna if people ever knew? What i was feeling? i'd be laughed off the fedi

also but me commenting on a selfie: LITERAL ANGEL ON EARTH !

this is me except friends get “cute 🤠” and crushes get NOTHING


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