Ironic mansplaining is still mansplaining. Just don't do it, even if you think you're cool like that.

Side note: the things that it happens most to me about are the subjects i hold my degrees in (Economics and Psychology) by people with no experience in either field, and about the meta for Smash Bros Melee because they read a single article and now believe Fox is the only viable character.

Fuck off

@dirt does anyone even play fox

i can name a bunch of falco players off the top of my head but who plays fox

@dirt fox is best in a TAS environment but falco is so much more annoying to play against :p

@monorail Falco is so much cooler and is therefore viable because the whole point of competing is to do cool shit and impress people

@chillallmen @dirt well yeah but does anyone main fox? like /anyone/? armada was going to but he still used peach a lot and then retired anyway

@monorail @chillallmen Leffen is the best fox main rn, and he's probably number 2 in the world

oof big mood
also i play Pikachu and they're super viable smh

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