The first leaf i drew was the one at the top left and it's probably the only perfect one, which is ok

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i'm glad people seem to be liking my timid little tree

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@dirt which tools did you use? You're style is really pretty.

I set it as my background if you don't mind.

@moiety i used autodesk sketchbook, And feel free!

@dirt @moiety sketchbook is a really cool tool! Your style is great, keep it up!

@funkeh @moiety thank you! i'm learning a lot and having fun!

@natehousley thanks nate! i'm pretty proud of it because it took a long time for me

@Pixley Thank you! i don't really know how to draw leaves it branches pointing toward the viewer, but i'll figure it out next time!

@dirt this picture fills me with a sense of bittersweet ennui and forlorn nostalgia. 10/10.

@solarpunkagorism thank you they are very timid so please keep your voice down

@Thomas i'm not but that's fine! (Not trying to deflect a compliment, i just think i am more patient than talented)

@dirt Hmm. "We’re having trouble finding that site.

We can’t connect to the server at"
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