All trans people are valid.
Coming out before you start HRT? Valid.
Waiting years after you start to come out? Equally valid.
Never coming out? You're valid!
Coming out because you just spilled spaghetti sauce all over your last lair of work appropriate men's pants and you don't want to do laundry on Sunday afternoon? Valid!!

Just noticed the typo lol. Every damn time...

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@dirt a lair of pants covered in spaghetti sauce is a hell of a visual tho

I want a pants lair

@dirt HAHa wops spilled the sketti guess I gotta go to a work in a skirt today, oh no! amirite?

@imani haha i shouldn't take estrogen supplements... unless?

@dirt you should let me see one of those so I can see what it tastes like. Y'know I just wanna be a good ally and understand my trans friends experience a little bit better.

@imani how can i know i'm cis if i don't spend years living as a woman? i just want to be confident

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