Dinosaurs: warn blooded or cold blooded? Scales or feathers? These are the questions herpetologists and paleontologists have asked for years. My new theory: none. The reason we can only find fossils is because they were only ever bones to begin with. That meteor broke the magic obelisk that was giving them life. Thank you very much

i was not expecting anyone to like this post lol i am very out of touch with the people i claim to represent (the common poster)

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i posted this expecting it to fully, completely, snake eyes, flop. And yet... life finds a way

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@dirt I now believe this. I will never be shaken from this belief. Thank you

@tmv i am Lawrence Bacow, president of Harvard. i'm in my office right now

@dirt Dear, loved, feared, supreme leader; may I become student of sorcery at your marvelous institution?

@dirt if anyone would contain this collective historical knowledge it would be the dirt, so I believe it entirely

@dirt in fact, that's the reason They sent the meteor in the first place.

@dirt for a sec i thought you were gonna say the christian "its god testing our faith" theory. and i gotta say, i like yours a lot better

@dirt this is my new talking point at parties thank u

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