if this gets ten thousand boosts i'll ask my crush on a date

@dirt Which *ONE* of your crushes would you ask out though? :P

@diffractie you'll have to hope we get 9,984 more boosts!

@jacethechicken there are definitely more than 10k accounts

Everyone boosting this is just enabling cowardice. Go ask your crush out dirt. You can do it.

So? Beauty of asynchronous communication is you can text somebody literally any time and they can just respond when they’re alive.

Look, you can ask them out, or I can go cobble together a shitty botnet and force it to boost this toot several hundred thousand times to prove a point.

One of these options will leave me with a functional botnet. Is that something you really wanna be responsible for dirt beans?

@dirt do it, quit finding excuses to wait because every second you wait is a second you'll regret when you're older

@psxbunny i'mmmmmmm pretty sure they know what's up it's just a timing thing lol

Hehe keep thinking that. I'm working on it. Enlisting the help of my hacker GF who I asked out with NO prompting cuz I'm not a coward. We're gonna make this happen. Might not be today. Might not be tomororow. But eventually...

That said I still refuse to boost this myself. Go ask your crush out dirt.

@Lumb i am working on it! Working hard! It's not even a "mustering up the courage" thing, it's a "i need to get a phone number" type deal

@Lumb i know i can, i'm extremely charming and cute as a button

@dirt if it gets twenty thousand boosts your crush will ask you on a date

@dirt hey dirt u goofball did you ask your crush on a date yet

@KitRedgrave i mean it's over now so that's worth celebrating

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