mastodon is full of people who would be very fun at parties but who never get invited to parties

@dirt we consist of one person who is very fun at parties and three people who are very not, and it's hard to determine who you're going to get

@Pixley that's not true, actually. i've been to a bunch of parties this year and i was a god damn delight at all of them

@dirt how could you lie to us, on this, your Mastoversary

@dirt this is actually a common piece of misinformation. dirt, who is the most fun to have at parties and has literally never even heard of a party, skews the results drastically.

@Troasta we should probavly be using the median here instead of the mean

@dirt I get invited to Karen’s parties and that’s it but it’s acrually because I’m very boring at parties

@neoncoughh @dirt you are actually a delight at parties, especially if there are kids around

@dirt the last time I got invited to a party I started a shouting argument about whether or not catgirls are furry so this is correct

@fortunos @dirt they are not furry because they are more to the "human" side of the sliding scale between human and animal

@fortunos @dirt you see, it's about the face. And the snout

@dirt cant go to parties even if i got invited, im too busy being online

@dirt Heh, we should all meet up at Wild Nights or Furry Retreat.

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