blocking people is always justified

someone rudely comments on your selfie? block
terrible political takes? block
reminds you of your second grade bully? block
un-cwed content that makes you uncomfortable? block
dont like the cut of someones jib? block

block block block! you dont owe anyone anything on here! block their ass and never think about them again!

also if you block evade think about why you are doing that and maybe stop crossing peoples boundaries you fucking weirdo

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@dankwraith this is the biggest problem with blocking on here - it depends on the person who has been blocked honoring and respecting that boundary because evading is so damn easy :/

@dirt i wouldnt say its ~easy~ necessarily but it definitely isnt hard. i mean on twitter you can block evade by opening a private tab

@dirt i think its good to think of blocking as something you do for yourself rather than something you do to other people. you cant control their behavior but you can at least stop them getting in your feed


@dankwraith it is very easy just to make an account on a separate instance and then go look at the posts of someone who blocked you

@dankwraith or even just to view them in the other user's instance. you don't even need to log into a different account

@dankwraith in terms of feed moderation it does work pretty well, but i guess i was thinking of it from a privacy standpoint

@dankwraith i don't want to soubd like i'm against blocking & muting though. i toss those out like halloween candy

@dirt the sad truth is that privacy is kind of a fake idea on any social media, i think if you make public posts on here you have to be willing to accept that anyone can see them and if you really want control over that you have to make a followers only account. but regardless of that learning to curate your own experience is important

@dirt so much of the conflict on here boils down to "im seeing shit i dont want to see!" and its like fellas, the block and mute and filter buttons are right there

@dankwraith idk, i think it's different when it's not rando strangers doing it but people you actually really like and care about, you know? because just cutting those people off feels bad and would hurt everyone. but when people you care about are posting very bad, triggering things, it's hard not to say something.

@dirt yeah those boundaries can and should be negotiated as any friends would do, im talking about people who seem to masochistically torture themselves and everyone around them by essentially seeking out content from people they already dislike that makes them feel bad

@dankwraith oh ok. i guess i'm just sensitive because there have been a lot of rough posts lately that i've had to ask friends to CW and just been told "no" which sucksssss

@dirt yeah i understand and that categorically does not whip ass

@dankwraith @dirt I just don't understand being genuinely upset by a topic that's readily identifiable by a fairly specific word or two yet not setting up a filter for it. I mean, the fediverse is way, way better than twitter but I doubt I'd still be here if I hadn't added 2-3 dozen political filters to my account

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon @dankwraith i have filters for words but sometimes people describe the things in ways that i cannot predict and so aren't filtered. also people post images of things and those are not filtered out of they don't cw them. also there are some things that are upsetting that i sometimes have the energy to engage with and sometimes don't

@dirt @ItsTheManOnTheMoon yeah for sure curation tools will never be perfect and i think its not unreasonable to ask people who you have some kind of relationship with beyond being strangers to be respectful

@dankwraith @dirt yeah, of course. I do try to CW stuff that seems problematic and at the same time I recognize that plenty of people actively *like * reading about politics or whatever, and aren't going to consistently CW them, so, I filter them instead of getting repeatedly mad about seeing them all the time

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