i had 12 things on my to-do list today and i have-did 3 of them lol

the list 

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@mcknze .250 is a passable batting average in the Major Leagues

@dirt good job dirt, in your honour I will do one of the eight things on mine

@Aleums together we inch marginally closer to Getting Our Shit Together

@dirt 12 is too many things to do in one day. nobody has ever done 12 things in a day. you should be proud

@dirt honestly the only line item on that list that was important

Re the list 

Re the list 

the list 

@Picklemaddierix it's just a store full of random crap idk what else to call it. like they had a shelf of bibles right next to a shelf of star wars EU stuff next to a devil dummy on top of a bin full of class photos from the 1920s. just random crap

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